About the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Available at Princes Gardens Surgery from 4th March 2015. Sign up at your local pharmacy.

This new service lets your GP practice send your prescription electronically to the place you choose to get your medication or appliance from – without the need for paper in some cases. This means there is less need for people with repeat prescriptions to call at their GP practice just to collect a prescription form.

This service is offered to all patients at the practice who want to use it.  In order for you to use this service you need to go to the pharmacy of your choice and sign a consent form.  The pharmacy should give you a leaflet which explains the service, although staff at the practice can explain the service to you if you need any further information.  Once signed up all of your future prescriptions will be sent from the practice to the pharmacy electronically.  Unfortunately there are a few exceptions where paper prescriptions will still have to be issued, for example if their is a controlled drug on the prescription.

If you would like to take advantage of this service and haven’t yet completed a nomination form, you should ask your preferred pharmacy to set your nomination. You don’t need a computer to do this.

This will not affect the way that you order / request prescriptions.

Benefits for you

  • If you get a repeat prescription, you will not have to spend your time going to your GP practice each time to pick up your paper prescription. Instead your GP will send it automatically to the pharmacy you choose.
  • A significant amount of pharmacies will be connected to the service, so you should be able to get your medicines from any pharmacy you choose – whether it’s near home, work or the shops.  The pharmacy of your choice will be able to tell you if they provide this service.

What happens if I do not want to use the service?

Nothing.  You will continue to get paper prescriptions as you do now.

More information

For a patient information leaflet please click on the link below:

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