Training Practice

We are an Accredited NHS Training Practice

This practice has been accredited as being suitable for the training of those doctors intending to become General Practitioners.

This means that the practice and doctors have had to achieve a number of standards which have been assessed by the GP Deanery for Kent, Surrey and Sussex, acting on behalf of the national organisation (the Postgraduate Medical Education Board).

Qualified doctors who have already completed at least three years of hospital training join us for one year’s experience to complete their training, and you may be offered an appointment with them. In our role as a training practice we are regularly inspected to ensure a high quality of care and efficient administration.

We also have other medical students attached to the practice like a physician associate. You will always be asked beforehand if a medical student may be present at a consultation.

Some of our nurses and health visitors are also qualified to train others and may have students attending their clinics from time to time.